Tuesday, August 28, 2012

beat 296 - in check

From one day to the next I decided to leave my ego at the door. That's when love came my way. I always had this obsession with finding a "perfect" girl. Someone like my mom. Weird, I know. But I grew up with parents that were madly in love. Never fought. One day my mom sat me down, I was turning 32, and she said, "listen, you aren't me. you never will be. So stop trying to have the same relationship your father and I have." 
I left dinner that night and stared at the deer antlers on my wall for hours. I don't know what it was about those damn antlers, but they mesmerized me all night. I just sat there and talked to them like they were my friend. I asked them questions and I came to my own answers. Sometimes talking out loud to no one can be therapy. 
That changed it all. I realize that night that now times are different. Women are different. Men are different. I've found love many times since that talk. I found a girl that hated the antlers, I sent her away. I found a girl that soon after bought antlers of her own. Pretty symbolic, right? Well, I love different women for different things. Most of all, I know THE ONE is out there and I will love her for her and she will love me for me. And when it happens, I will love the world even more.

- Victor Shane, Brooklyn
Photography professor

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